"Northwest Rankin High School was built in 1980 and now has multiple buildings on campus. I say this to let you know that Radim's job is difficult to say the least. Our students track in sand multiple times a day, which destroys wax from the floors. Radim and his crew have gone above and beyond what is on the stated contract to insure that our floors are in top shape throughout the year."

Ben Stein, Principal, Northwest Rankin High School

"Radim and his staff provide reliable service making sure they don't cut corners, which generally happens when you deal with a cleaning service for as many years as we have."

Tony Martin, Principal, Florence High School

"Never say never...After a very frustrating year, I decided last year that I would 'never' find a company that could or would clean an elementary school to my satisfaction. To my great surprise and delight, I have found Highlands Cleaning to meet my expectations and needs."

Beverly Johnston, Principal, Madison County Schools

"Highlands Professional Cleaning Services is a valued partner in our school district. Our school district began using Highlands in 2005 with one school. Since that time, Highlands and their staff have always provided us with excellent service and we have expanded their services to six schools. They are honest and trustworthy, if they tell you they are going to do something you can rest assured it will be done, even if it takes extra time. I highly recommend them to anyone."

Justin Hallett, Director of Risk Management, Rankin County School District

"I am pleased to recommend Highlands Professional Cleaning Service for all of your cleaning needs. We had several other cleaning services that we have been less than satisfied with prior to Highlands. Since they have taken over our cleaning, we have had excellent service and cleaning standards that have been unmatched by any of the previous companies."

Kizzie King, Assistant Principal, Madison County Schools

"I am writing to recommend the services of Highlands Professional Cleaning Services...Their cleaning staff has always been thorough and attentive to the details that often go overlooked in an office setting...Prompt, thorough service at very competitive rates has been the benchmark of Highlands."

Tiffany H. Best, Administrator, The Children's Clinic

"I would like to personally write this letter of recommendation for Highlands Cleaning Service. Highlands Cleaning has provided the highest level of service for our business since December of 2013...We saw the immediate improvement when they took over the celaning of our clinics. These days, unfortunately, it is hard to find good, hard-working and honest people that you can trust to come into your business and provide exceptional service. That is not the case with Highlands Cleaning Service. They are a welcomed professional and always take the time to 'do the little things' that make our clinics more clean and comfortable."

Janna Pace, Clinic Manager, Rankin Children's Group

"Highlands Industries/Highlands Professional Cleaning Services has been doing a fantastic job performing strip/wax and deep scrub services for all of Rouses Markets for the last year. Store Management and I are very pleased with the results of each and every wet work job performed by Highlands. The attention given to detail, such as edges and corners are second to none. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking exceptional floor finish work".

Farrell Alleman, Director of Retail Services, Rouses Enterprises L.L.C.